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Glass partition affect the quality of life of the entire partition wall
Time:2014/5/4  Author:

Some consumers worry that these materials are not solid glass partition , and so easy to crack . According to experts, these problems can be solved through the treatment process or improve , the consumer public can rest assured that choice .

Masonry material made using glass partition wall called lightweight wall , lightweight wall Although there are various benefits, but lightweight load-bearing walls are also less able to objective reality, consumers are advised to avoid blocking lightweight large clock hanging on the wall kind of heavy .
General wall hanging mounted on the load-bearing walls are required , If you have to install the lightweight wall , preferably with special hanging heavy objects fixed on the floor , do not let the lightweight wall hard.

Due to the different load-bearing walls partition walls and light body material, both difficult to combine well , likely to cause walls to crack, especially the pre- partition plate , at the junction plates and walls, panels and boards up and down over the prone straight through joints, and hence, lightweight wall after wall painting carried patch treatment . The best way to prevent cracking of the wall papering . And paint compared to the stability of the glass partition better , so choose to decorate the room with a glass partition can maintain the quality of materials and price comparison on a suitable location

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